Staycations are especially nice when you are limited on time or do not want to spend a lot of money,

Simply put, a staycation is a vacation that is taken at home.

A staycation gives you that opportunity to see and do things that you never have time to do but, have always wanted to do.

This is one of those family activities that can be more successful when the whole family can get involved with the planning.

This is your opportunity to do all of those family activities that you keep putting off.

This is also your opportunity to enjoy the town that you live in.

Get to know your home town

Visit websites for your park district, chamber of commerce, and  visitors bureau to get ideas for what to do as if you are a visitor in  your town.

Check out museums that may be at a local college, business, our government building.

25 Great Ideas for a Family Staycation, a simple guide for enjoying a successful family vacation while staying at home.