You may be surprised at how many uses there are for herbs that may already be growing in your garden.

Many of these uses for herbs can also be of help to you and your lifestyle.

Herbs are plants that are used for both aromatic uses and savory uses.

Aromatic uses may include potpourri or using the essential oils to make perfume (or other uses such as for pesticides).

The common savory uses for herbs are seasoning food such as meat, poultry, or fish.

There technically is a difference between herbs and spices.

Spices on the other hand, come from the roots, the fruit, or even the bark from pants and trees.

This differences in the uses for herbs. Note that herbs can belong to more than one category.

– Food- This is the use of herbs flavoring and garnishing food. – Aromatic- We use some herbs by drying them out to use as potpourri or for their essential oils..

Other uses for herbs including Medicinal or display. At one time, herbs  were uses for medicinal purposes to 'cure' or 'control' illness.

It should be noted that some herbs may interact with supplements or  drugs, and that you do your research before taking them for medicinal  purposes

Common uses for herbs, includes 20 of the top herbs and the best uses for them. Also, the difference between herbs and spices.