While these ideas are not 100% perfect at preventing bugs, they are natural ideas.

Insect repellents usually refer to something that is often sprayed with the intended result being to deter bugs

When a repellent is called 'natural' the ingredients come from 'nature;.

That is, natural ingredients are used rather than 'synthetic' ingredients.

There are things that you can do to make yourself less attractive to the bugs.

–The best and safest way to prevent bites when you are outdoors is to wear long sleeves and cover your legs.

Avoid locations that are more likely to be to be buggy.

Another way to repel bugs is to prevent them from the actual area.

You can make a simple yard spray for the repellent.

Effective Natural Insect Repellent Ideas, a simple DIY guide for making your own homemade repellents for bugs.