Many of us have learned that there is nothing worse then having an emergency and not having a kit.

Because this emergency kit is especially for hikers, it seem logical to use a backpack as it is worn on the back and thus, frees up the hands.  

While day hiking may seem like taking a walk in the woods, you still need to be prepared.

It is best that you prepare your kit in advance and check it just before leaving for your trip.

Packing an emergency kit just before leaving on the trip can result in missing important items.

Here are the categories of items  1. First Aid- this includes everything from bandages to allergy pills. 2. Safety- this includes whistles and other items that will help keep you safe.

Here are the categories of items  3. Self Care- which includes jackets, sunscreen, or even extra socks. 4. Nutrition- food and water.

Pack your first aid items in a sturdy container that can be placed in a plastic zip top bag. Also, purchasing sample sized products can save free up space and make it easier to carry.

Self Care items that can help take care of you. This includes weather related items. Also, comfort items that you may need while hiking.

How to Build a Hiking Emergency Kit, especially for family outings, the items that should be packed and brought while hiking.