A small garden can be perfect for anyone living in an apartment,  condominiums, trailer, motorhome, or in a home with limited garden  space.

A small garden is probably the best idea when you first start your garden. This is because it is easier to take care of a small garden.

Here is what to consider when it comes to selecting herbs for your garden. – Specific herbs that you know that you will enjoy. – Herbs that go together, such as pizza herbs.

– Planting herbs that are easy to grow. – Herbs may that grow well in your location. – And your purpose for growing herbs (consumption, scent, etc).

Start by deciding the location and the amount of space that you will use for your garden. Decide if your garden will be location in a container or in the ground

Decide on the basics for starting your herb garden. 1. Selecting the location, indoors, outdoors, or container. 2. Preparing the location for growing the herbs.

Decide on the basics for starting your herb garden. 3.  Choosing and planting the herbs. 4. Maintaining an herb garden.

Select a location that gets plenty of sunshine for growing your herbs. This is both for ground planted herbs and container herbs.

When you plant herbs, think about your needs. The best herbs will be the  ones you enjoy the most and use the most.  Always research your herbs  for safety before using them.

How to build a Small Space Herb Garden DIY, Easy to follow  directions for a homemade do it yourself garden for herbs in a small  space.