Not only are weeds unsightly, they also seem to creep up on your property quickly.

Weeds are basically anything growing on your property that you do not want growing.

Weeds compete for the space, water and nutrients that your wanted plants need to grown.

Also, not only are they 'ugly', weeds can be a source of pests or disease.

Start early. That is, prevent the weeds from popping up in the first place is the easiest way to deal with weeds.

If you are using any kind of store bought chemical to spray on to your  weeds, read that packaging and take the needed precautions.

Getting rid of weeds is not just about getting rid of the flower and leaves that we see .

It is more about getting rid of the root that is below the ground that we do not see.

How to Get Rid of Weeds, easy methods to remove weeds from a garden without using harmful chemicals to do so.