Growing sunflowers is an easy and satisfying thing to do. Sunflowers add to the beauty of a garden as well as providing us with seeds to enjoy.

You probably already know that sunflowers are those large flowers with many petals surrounding a large dark center.

That large dark center holds the many many seeds that have a number of uses.

Sunflowers petals are made up of many 'ray' flowers. Also, the center of the sunflower is made up of 'disc' flowers.

Sunflowers are also important pollinators.

Honey bees, as well as other bees, enjoy sunflowers. The popularity of the sunflowers may have something to do with their size and color.

The oil from sunflowers can be used in food prep as well as for cosmetic purposes.

How to Grow Amazing Sunflowers, a simple guide for growing sunflowers from seeds and how to use them one they are grown.