In some ways, basil is about the easiest plant to grow. However, in other ways, basil can a bit tricky.

You probably already know that basil is an herb. Sweet basil is possibly the most well known or popular variety of basil thanks to its large leaves and sweet scent.

Because of the size of the leaves on a basil plant, there are many culinary uses for it. Maybe you have enjoyed a tasty Caprese salad or pizza that has had whole basil leaves.

Why should you grow basil? Well, for the effort that you put into growing the plant, the result is quite impressive.

Yes, basil is a very popular culinary herb that you will probably get plenty of use from. However, there are some health benefits that may also be associated with growing basil.

How to plant basil- there are several ways to plant your basil. This  includes from seeds, from a cutting, or transplanting a basil plant.

Taking care of the basil plant is not a big deal. You can cut the basil back as needed and fertilize it once a month

Cultivating and using basil. You can cultivate the basil by cutting it  at the stem. Then simply use the leaves as desired in your kitchen  creations.

How to Grow Basil, a simple guide for how to plant and grow basil at home as well as some popular uses for the basil.