The experts tell use that jalapeno peppers are a good source for carotene (an antioxidant).

Also, these peppers have B, A, and C vitamins as well folate.

Aside from any heat, there peppers taste like a rich green pepper.

The first thing you need to be aware of is the number of jalapeno varieties. These varieties differ in in flavor, size, and shape.

Here is what else you should to consider. 1. Selecting peppers to grow. 2. Where and how to plant Jalapeno plants. 3. How to take care of pepper plants. 4. Harvesting your peppers.

Go to your local garden center to see what pre-planted pepper plants are  available. This is an easy way to select your plant if you are unsure.

This is a plant that does best when planted when the temperature is above 60 degrees.

Plant your seedlings in a location that gest full sun.

Space jalapeno plants 14 - 16 inches apart and about 2 -3 feet between rows if you are planting in rows.

How to Grow Jalapeño Peppers, a simple guide to growing the best peppers that can be used in a variety of recipes.