Cuttings are an easy and convenient way to grow new plants from old plants.

Propagation is the term used when referring to when we reproduce plants.

Cuttings is just one method, and perhaps the most commonly used method, for reproducing plants.

Other methods include layering, budding, grafting, and division in addition to using seeds.

When you propagate using cuttings, you are attempting to grow new roots.

This can be done using soil or water as a medium.

However, there are factors that can add to the success of propagation including the cut itself and how you prepare the branch.

When selecting cuts, I suggest that you choose more than one for each plant.

Sometimes cuttings do not take or grow roots and having a backup or two may work for you.

How to Grow Plants from Cuttings, a simple guide for starting new plant growth from cuttings from popular garden plants.