This is such a fun way for a family to spend some time together. Even better, it does not cost a lot of money to make this event happen!

There is a bit of planning that you will have to do in advance of having this fun event. That planning includes setting a date, choosing a movie, and deciding on a location.

What you should consider are the ages of the participants, the location  that your movie viewing will take place, and any special needs of your  family members.

Choose a time for the event. If you will be hosting this even outside,  consider the timing of the sunset an possible weather conditions that  may affect your plan

Take suggestions for movies. Consider movies that are age-specific or  movies that are appropriate for everyone that will be there.

Plan the food and beverages for the evening. Ordering pizza or making popcorn are popular ideas. Make a shopping list.

Having a theme for your family movie night can help make it more fun. A theme can also help pull everything together!

Lastly, after the movie has ended, ask everyone if they enjoyed the  movie, the movie night, and if they had fun. Recruit helpers to clean  up.

How to make a Family Movie Night at Home, 25 of the best  tips for a fun and successful fun time for your family. Includes free  download.