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DIY Felt Turkey Project
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Easy Felt Turkey Craft Pattern

Easy Felt Turkey Craft Pattern, a simple homemade DIY Thanksgiving craft project for any age including kids. Video included.
Prep Time10 mins
Active Time1 hr
Course: Do It Yourself
Cuisine: American
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  • Download the pattern template from DIYandFUN.com . Cut out the pieces from the template then use the pieces to trace on the corresponding felt color before cutting out the pieces needed for your project.
    Start by sewing the tail (A) to the back of the body (B).
    Place the orange piece D’s in the correct places. Sew each piece D into place.
    For the smallest feather, yellow piece C. Repeat the same process that you did in the last step.
    .Place the back piece B you made earlier together, right sides out and start to sewthem together along the outside.
    Sew around the feathers and stop when you reach the other square.
    Stuff the body with the fluff and use a blunt ended tool to help push the stuffing into the feather areas that may be hard to reach. Then stuff the main part of the body last. Finish sewing around the entire section.
    DIY Felt Turkey Project
  • Sew the eyes (F) onto one piece E.Next, sew the snood (G) in place and then sew the beak (H) on last.Begin sewing the two piece E’s together to form the head, stopping about ¾ of the way to insert more fluff. Finish sewing the turkey, glue the body to the head, and enjoy!
    DIY Felt Turkey Project


See DIYandFUN.com to download the pattern template, for details on this idea , and others.