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How to Make a Boxwood Wreath
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How to Make a Boxwood Wreath

How to Make a Boxwood Wreath, a simple homemade DIY craft project that can be made with dollar store supplies.
Active Time20 mins
Course: Do It Yourself
Cuisine: American
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  • Using the wire cutters, trim the stems of the boxwoods as needed. You will need about three inches of stem to make this projects.
    Start by attaching two of the stem pieces and using a zip tie, attach them to the center of the wreath form. Fan the stems out so that the boxwood covers the other wreath rings. Repeat this process around the entire wreath going clockwise. Then add additional stems as needed to fill in as need for any open space.
    How to Make a Boxwood Wreath
  • Start making the bow by cutting a ten inch piece of burlap and set aside. Then wrap the remaining burlap ribbon around your hand three times. Hold the center of the wrapped ribbon as you pull it off of your hand. Then cut it off from the rest of the ribbon. Use the first burlap ribbon that you cut off and place it on the backside of the burlap ribbon piece that was on your hand. Secure all of this with a zip tie in the center
    Cut a piece of the black and white checkered ribbon about five inches long and use it to cover the zip tie in the middle of the bow and tie it in the back. Slide a zip tie through the black and white ribbon in the back and use that to secure it to the wreath form.
    How to Make a Boxwood Wreath


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