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Easy Framed Christmas Wall Décor
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Easy Framed Christmas Wall Décor

Easy Framed Christmas Wall Décor, a simple holiday inspired Dollar Tree Farmhouse Christmas Truck Reverse Canvas project.
Prep Time10 minutes
Active Time15 minutes
Course: Do It Yourself
Cuisine: American
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  • Start by removing the canvas by carefully pulling out each staple to separate the canvas from the frame.
    Once the canvas is removed you can set the canvas aside to work on the frame. To make the frame for this project, flip the wooden frame over as the backside will become the front side for this project. Stain the frame according the directions on the packaging. Then allow the stain to fully dry (overnight).
    Easy Framed Christmas Wall Décor,
  • The canvas will need to cut to size in order to fit inside of the frame by tracing the canvas using the frame and then cutting the canvas to size.
    To attach the canvas to the frame, flip the canvas over to use the off white side. Then use a hot glue the canvas to the backside of the frame. When the glue has dried and cooled you can remove any remaining canvas that is beyond the sides of the frame.
    Use a glue gun or other glue to attach the truck, or decoration, to the canvas. Finish decorating as desired.
    Easy Framed Christmas Wall Decor


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