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Easy Paint Pour Coaster Project
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Easy Paint Pour Coaster Project

Easy Paint Pour Coasters. A simple do it yourself project for making drink coasters using paint pour. Perfect for gift giving!
Prep Time20 mins
Active Time25 mins
Course: Do It Yourself
Keyword: diy, easy, homemade treats, paint pour, project
Yield: 4 Coasters


  • Add one tablespoon of pouring medium to 4 of the plastic cups. Next, add one tablespoon of each color paint to the pouring medium in each of the cups (one color per cup). Then use a stick in each cup to mix the paint and the medium until you see a solid color.
    Easy Paint Pour Coaster Project
  • Place the remaining four cups upside down on your work surface and set a ceramic tile on top (which is technically the bottom of the cup facing up) of each cup. Start by pouring the first color in a cup slowly onto each of the tiles. Repeat this process with the other three remaining colors, making sure you cover almost the entire surface of each tile.
  • To make designs on the tiles you can lift each of the tiles, and tilt it to each side, to fill the entire surface with paint. When you do this it will also create the unique paint pour design. However, make sure the entire surface is covered in paint, as well as the sides. You may need to use your finger or craft stick to add a little paint on a side that has a bare spot.
    paint pour project
  • Allow you coaster tiles to dry for about 24 hours.If desired, you can seal the coasters with 2 coats of Krylon Clear Glaze, allowing 2 hours of dry time between each coat. Then allow the tiles to dry overnight.T o make the cork bottom, cut the cork if needed to fit the entire size of the tiles (4 X 4 if using 4 X 4 tiles). Then attach the cork bottom to the bottom of each tile or coaster using your glue. You should also press down firmly on the glued cork to thus help seal the bond.
    Easy Paint Pour Coaster Project


If this was a recipe, I would call it the ingredient listing. This ingredient listing is for making paint pour coasters.
See post on diyandfun.com for details.