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Easy Pumpkin Tray Project
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Easy Pumpkin Tray Project

Turn your disposable oval tray into this homemade do it yourself Easy Pumpkin Tray Project for fall or Halloween!
Prep Time45 mins
Active Time15 mins
Course: Do It Yourself
Cuisine: Fall
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  • Prepare your plates by removing any dust other items that are on them. Then paint the plates. For the metal or non-paper kind, you may need to apply more than one coat of paint.
    Easy Pumpkin Tray Project
  • Arrange the plates to form the pumpkin before you glue to ensure that you are happy with the design.
    Glue the plates in place. When you have the two trays or plates plates vertically placed next to one another, using the hot glue gun (or glue of choice), glue the two trays together where they meet. Next, you can add a line of glue to the center where the two trays are attached and lay the last tray on top, apply a little pressure to make sure it adheres.
    Easy Pumpkin Tray Project
  • Add the stem to your pumpkin. Start by adding a dab of hot glue (or glue of choice) to the wooden stick about two inches down. Then wrap the jute twine around the wooden stick until you reach just below the curved section of the stick. Once completely wrapped, add a dab of glue at the end of the twine and then cut the remainder off. You can then glue the wrapped stick to the backside of the pumpkin (you may need to brace the stick in place while the glue dries ).
     Personalize your pumpkin. Tie a raffia bow around the stem.
    Easy Pumpkin Tray Project


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