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Make a Calendula Sugar Scrub
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Make a Calendula Sugar Scrub

Make a Calendula Sugar Scrub, the perfect homemade nourishing beauty or body scrub for you or to give as a gift!
Active Time10 minutes
Total Time10 minutes
Course: Beauty


  • I suggest using a glass bowl that is not usually used for food. You can also use a wide mouth jar to make this in. The jar should be wide enough to allow for mixing in.
  • For stirring, I prefer to use a popsicle stick or tongue depressor as they are good for scraping the sides for better mixing and they are a good size.



  • In your bowl, combine together the sugar, almond oil, and the Calendula Essential Oil until well mixed.
  • Carefully sprinkle in the mica powders and stir to blend it in. Wear a mask when you do this to avoid breathing it in.
  • You can adjust the sugar or the oil as needed to reach your desired consistency. Then transfer the scrub to a jar with a lid for storage. Tip: using a wide mouthed jar to make this in can eliminate having to transfer it.
  • This scrub should keep for up to six months. I suggest stirring it as needed as the oil can separate from the sugar or water can get into the jar when using in the shower.


See DIYandFun.com for details on this project!