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Halloween Origami Cat Treat Bags
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Halloween Origami Cat Treat Bags

How to make a Halloween Origami Bag , a fun do it yourself project for making a Halloween inspired cat bag. Video.
Active Time20 minutes
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  • Fold the 8”x8” paper in half. Then open the paper and fold it in the opposite direction to form a cross with the fold creases. Open the paper and fold one corner to the other to make a triangle. Again, open the paper and join the other two opposite corners.
    Your paper should now have 8 equal sized triangle creases. With the paper open, grab the sides of the bottom large triangle press in the sides to bring together the top large triangle. This forms the double triangle base. Next, turn the triangle so the point points downward. Take one side point and make a fold about 1.75” . Repeat with the other 3 side points (both sides) so that it looks like “dog ears” on both sides.
  • Fold the point of a “dog ear” in to meet the line. Fold the bottom portion to the side (to make a helpful crease) and then up. Push the bottom of the point pocket open and tuck in the little triangle so that it looks like the photo above. Repeat this for the other 3 “dog ears”.
  • Fold the front two sides and back two sides together to hide the folds and tucks. Then fold the bottom point, with the point stopping about half way. This crease forms the bottom of the bag.
    Halloween Origami Cat Treat Bags


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