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Breakable Chocolate Heart DIY
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Breakable Chocolate Heart DIY

Breakable Chocolate Heart DIY, Complete instructions for how to make an edible heart container that can hold other items.
Prep Time5 minutes
Active Time20 minutes
Course: Candy
Cuisine: American
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  • Diamond Heart Mousse Cake Mold 


  • Melt the red or pink chocolate wafers that you have selected according to the packaging. When the chocolate has fully melted pour in into the mold. You will need to swirl the mold as needed to evenly distribute the melted chocolate. Using a pastry brush can also help.
    Place the chocolate coated mold on to the prepared rimmed baking sheet and wipe off any chocolate that is on the rim of the mold before placing it into the refrigerator to harden (about five minutes).
    Breakable Chocolate Heart DIY
  • To assemble the heart, carefully peel the mold away from the hardened chocolate.
    Use melted chocolate to drizzle over the heart for decoration and to attach two halves together if you have chosen to do a full heart. You can also attach the letters to the heart using the melted chocolate.
    Breakable Chocolate Heart DIY


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