Campfires are one of the most enjoyable reasons for going camping in the first place.

This is the place where everyone gathers around a warm fire to make both memories and meals.

Just like when you light up the grill or even your stove, a campfire can help cook food.

Here is what else you can use that campfire for. Warmth, especially when it gets cool at night.

– Light for when it gets dark out. – A repellent for insects and animals.

A gathering spot for people.

Do your preparation and research in finding out if you are actually allowed to start a campfire in a desired location,

the rules specific to that location, and if you will also need some kind of a permit to do so

Here is what you may need for your campfire.

– Tinder – Kindling – Firewood

– Firestarter – Knowledge about safety concerns.

How to Build a Campfire, a simple guide for beginners on how to prepare for a campfire, the best wood to use, and keeping safe.