Sometimes car rides or plane trips can feel long and boring.  

 So it makes sense that you may need a good and quick idea to get everyone out of a boredom rut.

Planning road trip games is one way to pass the time.

You may also want to pack snacks and take plenty of breaks along the way.

Rest stops are often great places to take a break, enjoy a snack, use a restroom, and even get a free map.

Bring plenty of paper and crayons pens and or pencils to use on the paper.

Not only can the paper be used to draw on, it can also be used to facilitate the games.

Popular games that families enjoy on a road trip.

– Scavenger Hunts. – License Plate Games.

–– Lists and Challenges games. – Imagination games

Best Road Trip Games for Families, 22 great ideas for passing the time while on a family trip. Includes solo and group ideas.