Teaching kids about nature can be confusing. This is because there is so much nature all around us.

Possibly he best thing that you can do is be a good example.

Nature teaches us to respect the earth and everything alive on it.

nature can help us learn how to relax our minds by focusing on everything outdoors.

Start small by focusing on one thing or activity at a time to not overwhelm anyone.

Also, get involved with the kids and have fun doing it because, this can make for good memories and experiences too!

Hiking and woodsy- includes walking through a trail

Artsy- includes expressing nature through easy art related activities.

Garden and backyard- nature ideas that you can do in your own backyard.

 The sky- this has to do with the moon and the stars.

Fun Nature Activities For Kids, a listing of 12 fun outdoor ideas especially for children, that are free or cheap to do.