Even if you have camped or even been on vacation before as a family, it is always a good idea to have a list.

Keeping a list of what to pack for your camping trip helps to keep things organized.

Packing is a balance of including essentials while not overpacking.

Do your research first to find out if there is electricity, what  kind of bath and bathing is available and if there are stores nearby if  needed.

Consider the needs of your family. That is, what essential items does your family or a family member need that other camping families may not need.

There are five categories for packing for a camping trip.

Campsite Gear- this includes what you will need for sleeping, sitting and seeing (lights).

Eating Gear- everything needed for eating. Includes food, cooking items, items needed for eating, and fire building items

Clothing and Hiking items- extra clothing for weather and elements such as socks, long sleeved shirts and undergarments.

Self Care Items- includes items that you may use or  have in your bathroom at home including emergency first aid kits,  toothpaste, and of course, toilet paper

Activity items- your hiking items, puzzles, bikes, etc.