Pumpkins are really something special yet, fun to grow in a home garden

Pumpkins are indeed a fruit. This is because pumpkins grow above the ground as they start out as a flower

Like with other kinds of squash, they start out as a yellow flower and  grow on a vine. Some folks even eat the leaves from the vine.

Most home grown pumpkins are grown for consumption or for carving into a  Jack O lantern. This makes pumpkins a good choice for a children's  garden

Well you start by choosing the kind of pumpkin that you want to grow and if you want to grown one from seed or a started plant.

Decide if you want a pumpkin with more meat (best for culinary endeavors) or a pumpkin to carve (less meat, bigger pumpkin).

Using pre-planted starters can take weeks off of your work. However, your choices my be limited and harder to find.

It is best to wait until after the last frost and when the soil has warmed up a bit before planting.

How to Grow Pumpkins, a simple guide for growing garden pumpkins especially for both kids and adults to do.