This is a simple guide for planting a garden filled with pizza toppings. This garden also has the tomatoes to make the sauce with.

A pizza garden is a garden that grows items that may go on top of a pizza.

Items that may go on top of a pizza are vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers. Also in a pizza garden, you will find the herbs that are used to add flavor to the pizza.

A pizza garden can be as simple as two ingredients or as involved as 10 ingredients.

Planning what will go into your garden can be as simple as choosing the ingredients that you use most. It can also be about the space that you have to grow and the ease of growing the ingredients.

Here are some common ingredients that can go into a pizza garden. – Tomatoes- I like a Roma or plum tomatoes in my pizza sauce or sliced on top of my pizza. – Basil- this can go fresh on a pizza or as a seasoning.

Oregano- another standard seasoning for pizza. Oregano is easy to grow and does not need a lot of space. – Bell Peppers- easy to grow and go nicely on pizza. – Jalapeno Peppers- Some folks enjoy this on their pizza.

– No matter if you are using a container or the ground to plant your pizza  garden in, it is best to prepare the soil before you plant anything. It  is also easiest to purchase the plants already started if possible

Harvesting your pizza garden ingredients. This is the best part or the reward for your efforts. When you are ready to use your tasty ingredients head on out to your garden,