While lilacs are synonymous with the color purple, they do come in other colors.

Lilacs can vary in color from blue to white, with many shades of purple and pink in the middle.

What most lilacs have in common is blooming for most lilacs takes place in mid to late spring .

It can take a few years for lilacs to bloom after they are actually planted.

So, if you are planting a lilacs now, it can take some time to enjoy the blooms.

Lilac shrubs can generally last a long time and can withstand a variety of weather conditions.

Fully grown lilacs plants can grow from six to 15 feet, depending on the kind of lilac.

Lastly, when selecting the best lilac for your garden, consider the flowers.

The flowers come in different colors (not just purple!) and fragrance levels.

Lilacs prefer full sun (six to eight hours a day).