Backyard glamping is a more simple way to enjoy camping.

Not only do you get to stay home, you still get to camp outdoors in style!

Glamping is a combination of the words 'Glam' or 'Glamorous' and Camping.

You can think of glamping as upscale camping.

Glamping is often done in a tent that is may be more permanent and spacious.

Also, glamping my include something nicer than a sleeping bag on the ground to sleep on.

Camping is usually a minimalistic activity that is not necessarily known for comfort.

Glamping on the other hand, is really about the comfort and not giving  up certain amenities such as a mattress or nearby plumbing.

Start small to see if glamping is really your thing.

A backyard is the perfect place to do so as you will still be close to home yet, still sleeping close to the stars.

DIY Backyard Glamping, a simple guide for making your own amazing glamourous and fun campground in your own yard.