Growing beautiful roses is not difficult to do when you know how to do it.

For some folks, there is no big secret behind growing roses. However, for the rest of us, growing roses often entails both effort and luck

If you have planted your roses in the right location that gets sunshine and has drainage, you are off to a good start.

Water your roses about an inch per week. Sometimes more depending on the weather and sand in the soil.

It is best to start fertilizing rose after the last frost in spring. Then you can fertilize the roses every four to six weeks until fall.

Deadheading flowers refers to removing blooms to encourage the growth of new ones.

There are Diseases that can affect roses. A bit of prevention may be all you need to prepare for this.

Maintaining roses comes down to four basic tasks.

1. Watering-  2. Fertilizing  3. Mulching  4. Maintaining .