How to Grow Garlic may be easier than you think.

It is true that it can take some time to grow your own garlic.

What you should know is that it takes just one clove to grow a full head of garlic.

Garlic should be planted in October (depending on your location) and takes about eight months to grow

People often ask can you grow store bought garlic.

Here is why you may not want to grow garlic from a purchased garlic clove.

First off, some stores actually treat their garlic to make it look 'prettier' for you to want to purchase.

Also, grocery store purchased garlic cloves may carry diseases or may have been treated to discourage sprouting.

It is best to visit your local nursery or garden store and look for something fresh that will also grow where you are located.

How to Grow Garlic. A simple guide for planting, growing, harvesting, and curing garlic in your garden for enjoying.