Strawberries are an easy to grow fruit that do not take a lot of space or effort to grown.

You simple need to follow the steps for planting and growing the strawberries for best results.

The first thing that you should do is research on what kind of strawberries grow best in your area.

The five things you need to know about growing strawberries. 1. The types of strawberries to grow 2. When to plant strawberries.

– How to plant strawberries. – Growing and maintaining strawberry plants. – How to harvest strawberries

There are three strawberry cultivar groups with different kind of strawberries to choose from.

The most popular are the June bearing.  These strawberries are harvested from mid June and into July.

Select a location that gets full sun (six to eight hours a day). Also, the plants should be planted away from large trees and their root systems.

How to Grow Strawberries, a simple guide for choosing, planting, and harvesting your own strawberries to enjoy.