Not only do window boxes look nice under your windows, they also make looking out of the window look nicer!

Most of us could define a window box a a box that sits outside of a window. You have probably seen a few or had a window boxes before.

If a window box is attached to the window, it is often attached to the window sill itself.

Otherwise, the box can be placed on a ledge, placed on top of a stand. or hanging off of the window in some way.

Yes, flowers are commonly planted in window boxes. This is because flowers are pretty and colorful which can make the window box even nicer.

However, you do not have to put flowers or just flowers in your window box.

Here are some ideas on what to put into a window box. – Herbs such as mint or oregano. – Plants that are not herbs or flowers such as small bushes or ornamental grass.

Before you head out to the store or online to look at boxes for your  window, do a quick measurement of the window. Measure the width of the  window and decide if you want the planter to be close to the width or  centered with the window

How to Make a Simple Window Box, an easy guide for planning, designing, and planting a new window box for your home.